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Wedding and Events Services

Tying the knot is an unforgettable moment as a couple embarks on a new chapter of their lives. We know feeling confident and looking your best on your special day is essential.

We also know the same applies no less to your special Anniversaries and Birthdays.

Our revitalising, restorative and preventative medical grade technologies using luxury skin care products can ensure you achieve that picture perfect look. Prior to your big day, we can help minimise or erase any imperfections.

For our Wedding Packages, we invite everyone from the bride and groom, wedding parties, parents, and future in-laws. We can deliver remarkable, beautiful, natural looking improvements, with significant skin tightening, correction and clearing, for a restored, refreshed, and reinvigorated condition and appearance.

We can customise a Wedding package for you and each person needing treatments for your big day. And to ensure your privacy and comfort, we will close our doors to the public for the duration of your group’s treatments. You and guests will also enjoy complimentary champagne, hors d’oeuvres, discounts, luxury products, and gift bags. Please call for pricing.

*Minimum party of 5 guests required. 4 hours of clinic time provided. 10 or more guests will have a full day of private clinic time.*



“Facial Perfection” (Face & Neck)

Experience our signature Hollywood Red Carpet Facial programme. This lifts and plumps for an immediate revived and refreshed appearance with no downtime. Series of 3-12 treatments, performed 5-7 days apart.

This is provided along with a personalised and bespoke sequence of rejuvenating, tightening, correction and brightening procedures, plus our customised medical-grade skincare products package.

Our signature non-surgical total neck makeover will help remove and reduce lines, folds and double chins to give you an elegant neck profile

 Rejuvenating Facial Peels

Choose from our large range of Peels – there are options for anti-ageing, lightening and brightening, anti-wrinkle, treatment of pigmentation, and more. See your facial skin radiate youth and vitality these treatments

Firm Up/Slim Down

 Non-surgically reduce unwanted fat and re-contour your body. Series of 8+ BodyFx treatments, 7 days apart with no downtime.

Laser Hair Removal

Remove unwanted hair anywhere, quickly and painlessly, with the world-leading and award-winning Diolaze laser hair removal device. We recommend 4 treatments. Some clients may require up to 6 treatments but this can be assessed according to response. No downtime.


Get excessive underarm sweat under control with cutting-edge Fractora micro-needling treatment. Series of 4 treatments


At this stage we would recommend a review so we can assess how you feel about any remaining treatment you may wish to have done just to apply the finishing touches to your pre-wedding preparation.

We have the option of continuing previous treatment such as BodyFx or the Hollywood Red Carpet programme for further enhanced effects, or performing further peels in a planned programme to maximise their benefit, the choice is yours

 “The Liquid Face Lift”

If desired, we can offer a combination treatment using Botox and Dermal Fillers to restore youthful facial contour and volume and erase wrinkles.

Lip Pump

Achieve fuller and luscious lips with JuvedermTM dermal fillers.

Long, elegant lashes

 If you do want to have lash extensions done then we would recommend having these done in the week prior to the wedding as they typically last approximately 2-3 weeks.

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